Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lucy Felthouse ~ presents ~ Classic Felthouse (Audiobook)

Erotica Collection ~ Classic Felthouse
by Lucy Felthouse
Now Available in Audiobook Format!
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Classic Felthouse: Stories from the Archive is now available in audiobook format for your listening pleasure. Listen anytime, anywhere (though probably not so other people can hear—it’s HOT!) as Elizabeth Crain delights you with her fabulous narration of these five incredibly sexy erotic stories.

Fancy a blast from the past? Then dip in to five short stories from the Lucy Felthouse archive. A handful of her earliest published tales have been polished up and presented to you in one seriously hot collection. Enjoy a sexy soldier, a buxom babe, erotic daydreams, filthy phone sex and a language barrier, and see where it all began for this prolific author of erotica and erotic romance.

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Author Bio:
Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller), The Persecution of the Wolves and Hiding in Plain Sight. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 160 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. Subscribe to her newsletter and get a free eBook:

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

K D Grace ~ presents ~ Blindsided


Out Now—
New Urban Fantasy Novel
by K D Grace

Book two in the Medusa’s Consortium series.

In New York City, away from those she loves, living with the enigmatic vampire, Desiree Fielding, Susan Innes struggles to come to terms with life as a vampire whose body serves as the prison for a deadly demon.

When Reese Chambers arrives unexpectedly from England, desperate for her help, she discovers that Alonso Darlington, his lover and her maker, has been taken captive and Reese has been warned to tell no one but her. Before the two can make a plan, Susan receives her own message from a man calling himself just Cyrus. He not only holds her maker prisoner, but also her lover, the angel Michael. If she wishes to see either of them alive, she’ll come to him and not tell Magda Gardener, the woman they all work for and fear.

With no help coming from Magda or her Consortium, Susan and Reese must turn to the Guardian – the terrifying demon now imprisoned in her body. He alone can help them, but how can she possibly trust him after all he’s done?

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It was a dark place where she found him, with walls so high only a small patch of starlight was visible above, but she was a vampire now. She didn’t need the light, and he, well he had never needed the light, had he? He stood naked with his back to her. He was broad of shoulder. There were white scars like latticework across muscles stretched taut over his shoulder blades. At first she thought they were from a whip, but as she drew nearer, she saw that they were more geometric in form, as though perhaps they were some sort of ancient ceremonial writing. She traced the shapes of them with the tips of her fingers, and his muscles rippled with the sensation. With a start she realized she’d never seen his body before.

“That is because I have none,” came his reply. “Only in dreams can I wear the flesh of my choosing.”

“You’ve worn flesh often enough. I would have thought it was always of your choosing,” she said, making no effort to hide her bitterness.

“It was not my own, though. That pleasure, I have never known.”

“Only in dreams, you say. Then this is a dream.”

“You know that it is.” He didn’t turn to face her but leaned toward her, and she slipped her arms around him and rested her head on the flat of his back. His belly tensed at the touch of her hands, and he caught his breath in a soft moan. “Touch is what I longed for most,” he said. “I thought the lack of it would drive me insane while I languished in my previous prison. But here, with you, I’m closer to touch than I would have thought possible. I do not mind it, you know. It is no hardship to be nestled inside you, close to your heart.”

She released him and took in their surroundings once more. “This is the place I’ve created for you?”

He pulled her arms back around him and sighed with contentment as she laid her head against him once more. “This is how I have decorated. The place you created for me was only the shape of myself, both boundless and infinitesimal. Oh, it did not matter. I could see through your eyes, feel through your flesh, even though it no longer lived as it once did, even though you never spoke to me. I hoped that someday you would.”

“And when I refuse, you come uninvited into my dreams?”

“All dreams are uninvited, Susan, and perhaps this time it is you who have come uninvited into my dream.”

She thought about that for a moment. Was it even possible to visit the dreams of a demon? Did demons even have dreams?



“If I had come to you more gently, if I had courted you and companioned you and been patient with you in the ways of your world, would you have loved me?”

“You never gave me that chance.”

About K D Grace/Grace Marshall

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, K D Grace believes Freud was right. It really IS all about sex—sex and love—and that is an absolute writer’s playground.

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. Her creativity is directly proportional to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She loves mythology, which inspires many of her stories. She enjoys time in the gym, where she’s having a mad affair with a pair of kettle bells. Her first love is writing, but she loves reading and watching birds. She adores anything that gets her outdoors.

K D’s novels and other works are published by Totally Bound, SourceBooks, Accent Press, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, and others. She also writes romance under the name Grace Marshall.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Joy Wood ~ presents ~ Chanjori House

Title: Chanjori House
Author: Joy Wood
Genre: Romance

Hidden behind the imposing doors of Chanjori House, a story of pain, betrayal, and love.

Eve, a beautiful young woman, was once in love with the charismatic Rick Forrest. But he disappeared from her life without any explanation. With no money, about to lose her home, and the added problem of her mother’s advancing dementia, her future looked bleak.

Chester Forrest, Rick’s father, offered her a way out. If she agreed to become his wife and mistress of Chanjori House, he would fund her mother’s medical bills. Why, she didn’t understand, but there were no other options, so she accepted, all those years ago.

Now, Rick Forrest has become a successful lawyer. He always hated his father, and even more so when the old man married Eve, the only woman Rick has ever truly loved. He vowed never to return, however, that all changes when he receives a phone call informing him his father is terminally ill.

Chanjori House has been bequeathed in Trust to Rick by his late mother, so he reluctantly returns after an absence of eleven years with the prime objective of ousting gold-digger, Eve as soon as his father takes his last breath. But a life-changing event occurs, forcing Rick to seek help from an unlikely source . . . will his nemesis continue to pull the strings from beyond the grave?

As a working nurse, Joy Wood has been creating stories in her head for years, but never found the time to do anything with them – life just got in the way somehow.

Five years ago, she moved to Cleethorpes, in Lincolnshire, and loves nothing better than walking along the sea front. She particularly enjoys the melancholy charm of the seaside in winter. Neighbours think she is so healthy walking for hours each day, what they don’t realise is, she stops off for endless refreshments along the way, and on occasions, the odd bacon sandwich!

Daily, watching the tide turn, gave her the idea for her debut novel, For the Love of Emily. She would develop the characters in her head, and create the chapters on her laptop when she returned home. At various book signings, readers would ask Joy if she was the nurse they’d seen in the local newspapers, which gave her the idea that maybe readers would like a romance based around a nurse, so that’s where the idea for Knight & Dey initially came from, Chanjori House is her 3rd novel and she's hoping readers enjoy it as much as the previous two.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Erin Eldridge ~ an interview and her novel ~ Days of Insult

Erin Eldridge

TITLE: “Days of Insult”
RELEASE DATE: April 30, 2017
AUTHOR: Erin Eldridge
CATEGORIES: Historical Fiction/Romance
ISBN: 978-1543006971
IMPRINT: White Stag

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. The city is still rebuilding after the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. I have been a teacher for most of my life, most recently, a teacher of deaf students. Currently, I do part time support work with International students at a boys’ college. I’ve taught overseas as well, in Africa and in Brunei. I have two children, one of who, my daughter, lives in the UK and the other, my son, lives around the corner! I started writing two years ago and have completed four books: a contemporary romance, two war stories and a medieval fantasy. I have many more ideas for stories yet to come.


Q: Are you a morning person, or a midnight candle burner?
A: I’m definitely a morning person. I prefer to write in the mornings.

Q: If you could morph into any creature what would it be?
 A: A wolf. I love wolves. Farley Mowat’s book Never Cry Wolf is a favorite.
            If you don’t mind me asking, why?   
A: I have written my fantasy books around the concept of a shapeshifter morphing into a wolf. I find them beautiful creatures.

Q: Bedtime, relaxing so you can sleep sounds. Is your preference, white noise, TV, soft music, ocean waves, forest or meadow sounds, babbling brook, or something else?
A: I’m a Pisces, so definitely water sounds. I remember falling asleep to the sound of the sea lapping when I was in Asia. It was so soothing.

Q: Did you like school when you were a child?
A: I hated school. I still have nightmares about it.

Q: How do you feel about exercise?
A: I avoid it at all costs. Exercising my brain, heart and spirit is what I focus on.


Q: When did you start writing and why?
A: I lost my husband to cancer – Days of Insult is dedicated to him – and my kids left home about the same time. I needed to fill the void in my life and always wanted to write anyway.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: They’ve been knocking around in my head for years. I just have to fish them out! Sometimes an idea for a story will just hit me as a result of seeing or hearing some random thing.

Q: What do you think is the hardest part of writing a book?
A: Until I started to write, I had no idea what hard work it was, or how draining it can be. I also found there is no thrill to match it when it just goes right, when the words come together to express something with beauty and meaning.

Q: What is your favorite part of writing?
A: I love the whole process, but I particularly enjoy doing research for a book. For me, that’s the relaxing side of writing.

Q: Are you a sit down and play it by ear kind of writer, or do you need a structured guideline, or maybe a little of both?
A: Sometimes I’ll thrash out the entire plot, really detailed. Other times, I’ll let the story take me along with it. The latter is more exciting!


Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: I’ve almost completed the sequel to my medieval fantasy, Ravening Heart of the Wolf. Its working title is The Wolf in Winter. I also have a non-fiction book in the pipeline, Expat Blues, an account of my adventures in Africa, working there as a young woman.

Q: Do you have a new book coming out soon? Tell us about it.
A: Not right now, but I live in hope! I’ve had two books published this year, so time to take stock a bit, I think.

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: Yes, I do. Here are the links:



KEYWORDS: War, Partisan, Love, Betrayal, Canada, Refugee, Explosives

Hitler’s troops invade Russia and Sacha Mikhailov’s life is changed forever. Forced into early manhood, he joins his country’s bitter struggle against the Nazi invader.

When the Germans invade his country in 1941, Russian youth, Sacha Mikhailov, becomes a part of the titanic struggle on the Eastern Front. Fighting first as a partisan, operating with his detachment from deep in the forest, he learns the skills of sabotage and ambush. He makes friends, falls in love, and endures the enemy’s vicious onslaught to wipe out the partisans once and for all. As the Russians push the Germans back, Sacha joins the Red Army and his war continues on into the capitals of Europe where he formulates a plan which will set his life on a radically different course.

“The cottage Sacha shared with his mother was at the furthest end of the village, backing on to the woods. His mother had just placed his breakfast in front of him, fresh eggs collected from the hens that morning, when they were both rendered rigid by the sounds of the unfolding mayhem beyond their doors. His mother dropped the pan she was serving from with a clatter and Pritzy, the small grey terrier, began to bark wildly, whirling in tight circles on the kitchen floor. While his mother pushed the shutters aside and peered through the window above the tub trying to identify the reason for the unearthly shrieks that carried to them on the still morning air, Sacha opened the front door a fraction and saw a field grey uniform dart past just beyond the rickety little picket fence that demarcated his mother’s beloved garden, keeping out errant sheep and goats.

‘Germans, Mama!’ he cried. ‘Soldiers!’

She swung around and closed on him with terrifying speed, slamming the door shut and gripping him by his arm so hard he yelled his protest. She dragged him through the small porch that led off the kitchen, seized his jacket from the row of wooden pegs and flung it at him.

‘Quickly, put this on!’

‘Why?’ he asked, beginning to cry, terrified by the stricken expression that contorted her normally sweet, placid face into something ugly and deranged.

She slapped him hard across one cheek, traumatising him further, and wrenched the back door open.

‘Go!’ she spat fiercely, hurling him outside and down the shallow wooden steps. He landed heavily on his bottom, rendered speechless by shock and pain. Her eyes were bulging, their expression wild. She didn’t even look like his mama.

‘Go to the woods and don’t come back, no matter what you hear! Do as I say now! Go!’ She flung out an arm to conclude his dismissal. Then she slammed the door shut.

He scrambled to his feet, so horrified by her alien violence that he obeyed without further protest. Clutching the jacket to his chest, he turned and ran as fast as he could towards the shelter of the woods, Pritzy on his heels, crashing into the foliage, grappling with branches, the trees all merging into a solid green wall as tears blurred his vision. He ran and ran, repeatedly stumbling, falling, and scrambling back on to his feet until he could run no more. Frightened and breathless, he sank down on a pile of needles under a tall spruce, clutching little Pritzy to his chest for comfort and swiping away the mucous that clung to his cheeks, mingling stickily with his tears.”

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